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3 Pay As You Go

Customers pre-loading their PAYG mobile accounts will pay just 3p to make voice calls, down from 26p; text charges fall from 11p each to 2p; while the cost of downloading a MB of data will fall to just 1p from 65p.

Three have just launched the Amazing 3-2-1 offer alongside all Pay As You Go handsets.

This game changing offer includes mind blowing rates of only 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p a MB of data.

If you join the 3 network on Pay As You Go you will be given the option of purchasing a new 3 phone and SIM combined or just the SIM card on its own that can be used with a phone you already have. You probably won’t need a new phone if you are moving to Pay As You Go from a contract so the better option in that case would be to opt for a Pay As You Go 3 SIM card.

The 3 Pay As You Go phones come with a top-up that is already added onto the SIM and are ready to use as soon as they are turned on. Some 3 Pay As You Go phones come with a preloaded Add-on.

If you have opted for the SIM only Pay As You Go deal, then you will need to make sure your phone is unlocked to other networks which will allow you to use a 3 SIM card in your phone. Contact your current network provider for more information. Your current phone will also need to be 3G compatible; this means it should be able to use the internet. You can easily check this by texting the word Mobile to 78333 completely free of charge.

To use your new 3 Pay As You Go SIM, ensure your phone is switched off and insert the SIM card, when your turn your phone on you will receive a text message from 3 to let you know your SIM is being activated. Your phone must remain switched on whilst you are connected, this can take about half an hour but sometimes longer. A second text will be send asking you to switch your phone off and then on again, when your phone is turned back on your SIM will be activated. This will be confirmed by a third text and then you are ready to go!

You may need to top-up your phone if you haven’t already, and there are add-on options available. You can make topping-up easier by registering with My3 and entering your debit or credit card details. Top-up vouchers are available from supermarkets and petrol stations and you also have the option of topping up at a cash machine!
3 Pay As You Go make it easy to check your balance and add-on allowances. You can do this through your My3 account or calling 444 straight from your phone. You can also check what tariff you are on by checking My3 or calling 333.

3 offer an All You Can Eat Data package with Pay As You Go which includes unlimited internet use whilst in the UK. This package is available with an All in One 15 or 25 Add-on. These Add-ons also include extra minutes and text messages.

3 unlimited internet pay as you go

Three offer great online support if you need help setting up your new Pay As You Go phone. All you have to do is select your phone model and it will tell you how to transfer your information from your old phone, set up your email and advise you on sending text messages and making calls.

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Rating: 7.2/10 (62 votes cast)