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How mobile phone predictions can be wrong
In 2004 the following statement was given to the BBC.

…We don’t expect 3G to become a mass market product…It’s just going to make things faster…phones are bulky and battery hungry.”

How wrong the mobile industry was! 3G has become the preferred way of communicating for personal and business use. With the emergence of iPhone and Android, BlackBerry and other web services 3G has become a necessity to do business in todays hectic and information hungry business environment.

Speed is of the essence and whether we are shopping for price comparison (scanning barcodes ourselves in supermarkets) or checking emails whilst in the bank 3G is giving us the flexibility to get the information we want and permit the productivity we need in order to run our lives.

3 Mobile have been at the forefront of 3G for many years and through their relationships with business customers have tailored their products and tariffs to meet the business customers demanding needs.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)


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