Huawei E353 Latest Offer

Huawei E353 Latest Offer, 4.9 out of 10 based on 198 ratings
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Rating: 4.9/10 (198 votes cast)

Mobile Broadband Mifi from 3

fast mobile broadband dongle
3 would like to inform you that we will be updating our Broadband dongle with the more efficient Huawei E353.

The Huawei E353 is another of our newest, next generation dongles that give you fast broadband speeds with no wires or hassles. Just plug it into the USB port on your laptop and watch as everything auto-installs, whether you’re on a PC or a Mac. The user-friendly connection dashboard is also really easy to use and it lets you send and receive text messages while you’re online.

Great all-round dongle with the latest HSPA+ technology.
  • Plug it straight into your laptop
  • Up 40% faster than previous dongles
  • Works with PC and Mac

Huawei E353 USB modem (dongle)

Enjoy super-fast internet access and connection wherever you are with the Huawei E353u Take It Away Mobile Broadband from Three.

Super surfing

With the E353u one month rolling contract you can enjoy up to 200 hours of surfing on the internet, perfect for almost every user’s requirements. It also aims to guarantee faster browsing by up to 40% than previous dongles from Three, so you’ll experience a brilliant surf.

Easy connection

The E353u is extremely simple to use. Simply plug the dongle into your laptop’s USB port and away you go! And there’s also a memory card slot for microSD cards up to 32GB so there’s ample storage space for data and images.

Easy topping-up

It’s so simple to top-up the dongle. You can automatically add £15.99 per month via direct debit to keep on surfing the web.

Choose Three’s Huawei E353u Take It Away Mobile Broadband for fuss-free wireless connection!

E353u Features

  • USB Dongle
  • Up to 200 hours surfing
  • Automatic top-up for £15.99 per month
  • Stop at any time with 30 days notice

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VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Rating: 4.9/10 (198 votes cast)
  • Edotii

    Could Huawei E353 works on 2g network in india.

  • 3 Store Offers!

    Thank you for choosing Three. I’ll be glad to help you with your query on the Huawei E353. I have checked the details for you and the dongle will only work on a 3G network. I hope this information has helped you.

  • Kayschaper

    Is there a new driver available for the e353 ?
    If yes, where can I download it ?

  • Anonymous

    Dear Kayshcaper. 

    The E353 is an excellent device. Please visit for driver information or if you are on the 3 mobile broadband network please click here

    I hope this information helps.

  • nasia

    i got 3 branded huawei e353 dongle, does it also work on 850mhz?

  • Greg

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a wi-fi hub for the Huawei E353, to allow connection to a second computer ? If so, is this available at the £ store ?

  • Theboystott

    could you tell me where i can download the drivers for my 353 modem; as they will not install automatically when i plug in the dongle

  • Ray B

    When I fit the SIM card from my old 3 dongle into my new 3 e353 dongle I get a ‘cannot connect to the internet message’ - do I need to instal adtitional software ? I thought I only needed to  connect it to my TP LInk router and it would work – not so apparently -any help appreciated !!

  • Threescotdraw

    Please help, i have this new dongle but cannot get it to work on my wireless router.  I have installed the routers latest firmware to handle the 353 but it just doesn’t work.  the guys at Zoom think that i need from “Three” the APN, user name and passwor as it’s operating at a higher speed than the old dongles.  Can you provide this information?

  • Andy Bkk

    I have just bought this Huawei E353 today plus a Three 3GB sim.
    I am very impressed and pleased.
    I feel as if I am running my computer internet surfing on home broadband Wifi.

  • Andy Bkk

    Will I be able to use my Huawei E353 dongle in Thailand?

    Using a Thai PAYG sim card on Thai 3G network?

  • Nick

    Yes, buy a DTAC pay as you go.

  • Wendiwoo92

    my laptop as deleted the drivers for my dongle and now it wont work. i was just wondering how i download new drivers for my e353??

  • JoPot

    Hello. I bought this as a gift for my nana and the 3 months is due to expire next week. I want to top it up for her but was told I could do so for £10 a month; that’s not what it says here :( how do I top up and what details etc do I need?

  • Resh

    Have you tried connectify?

  • Resh
  • AJay

    I dont understand the purpose of this dongle?! Since it also needs topup, you can stay with your mobile provider and continue your 3G plan, then use your Mobile phone as a WiFi Access point. So why would i want to pay money for this Dongle and then have also extra fees on topup? Makes no sense?! It would make sense if this Dongle would be able to connect to free WiFi Hotspots or Networks.

  • Resh

    The purpose of the dongle is to connect to the internet using 3G connectivity. It’s just a piece of hardware – like a phone. If you, for instance bought a phone (PAYG) ten you would need to top it up to make calls…true? A dongle is just the same, the SIM can either be PAYG or contract. If you are in a free, or home, WiFi area then your laptop should be able to connect without the use of the dongle (just go to Windows Network and Sharing). Hope this helps.

  • Dave

    I bought this dongle for my laptop a few months ago because I was fed up with the erratic performance of a national “openzone” network that I’ve been paying a monthly subscription for. I live on a boat so can’t have a broadband landline. At first, it was a back up, but I’ve found the difference to be staggering, even in the very rural area that I live (Scottish Highlands). The 3 network is fast, responsive and consistent, and because it has a mobile connection, I don’t have to “find a hotspot” if I’m away from home. I’m using pay as you go, and cost wise, it seems to compare well against the other supplier. So far, very pleased.

  • PaulM

    Have been trying to use my e353 to create a wireless hotspot using ICS on a windows XP desktop connected thrugh a 2nd port to a 3com wireless router but I cannot seem to make ICS work – is ICS sharing blocked on the e353?

  • Russ

    I bought a 3 Huawei E353 modem in the UK recently. How do I make it work in Australia?

  • Ajay Prasad

    Myself from India & I have bought Ubslate 7Ci tablet which needs E353 dongle for wifi connection. Please suggest In India where to buy , its prices and suitability with this tablet and also whether I can use the SIM of India’s telecom service providers ?


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