Free Spotify with 3 Mobile and Sony Ericsson

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Free Spotify on Vivaz

Mobile maker Sony Ericsson and phone network 3 Mobile have come together with Spotify to offer a free two-month subscription of the popular music streaming service to customers who purchase a Sony Ericsson smartphone.

The move is aimed at promoting the company’s Xperia X10 and Vivaz phones. The first one is an Android phone that can be had for as little as £35 per month on a two year contract with 750 minutes, unlimited texts and texts.

Surprisingly, the Vivaz costs the same despite the fact that it is an inferior mobile phone with the only interesting highlight being the fact that it can record High definition footage.

As well as the free subscription, users will also be able to enjoy celebrity playlists from artists such as Keane, The Stereophonics and Ellie Goulding, consisting of songs the bands’ members have listened to while they’re on the road.

Sylvia Chind of 3 Mobile, said in a statement that “Being able to bring together a great music promotion for our Xperia and Vivaz customers is truly exciting. We believe a powerful network is key to giving our customers the best Spotify experience on their Sony Ericsson handset.”

Free Spotify with the Sony Ericsson X10

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Rating: 9.0/10 (1 vote cast)

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