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Over recent years, HTC has developed a very loyal user base and an excellent share of the mobile phone market based almost entirely on their excellent handsets. HTC handsets such as the Sensation XL and Wildfire are incredibly capable phones and can be used to their maximum potential by combining HTC with Three. It is one thing to know which handset you want, it is another thing to choose the correct contract which will allow you to use your new phone as much as you want to, and also use all of the fantastic features that come with a HTC.

HTC on 3 is available with a great selection of different handsets. The HTC Wildfire S is available in either black or white from between £20 and £25 a month. The Wildfire benefits from a very sleek and compact design, a high-resolution touchscreen and excellent five megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. By purchasing this HTC on 3 you can subscribe to a basic Text 500 contract for £20 a month which will give you 500 minutes of talk time, 5000 texts and 1000 MB of data usage. For just five extra pounds per month you can have four times as much talk time and unlimited, all-you-can-eat data usage for Internet browsing.

If you are looking to purchase any of the HTC Sensation handsets, including the XE and XL models, be sure to make the most of all of its features by having your HTC on Three. The best contract possible costs £40 a month and will give you over 33 hours of talk time, 5000 texts and unlimited data usage every month. This is surely the best way to make the most of the HTC sensation XL’s superfast 1.5 GHz processor with Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) operating system which is amazing for browsing the Internet. The Beats Audio version comes with up-to-the-minute music technology and free urBeats headphones; brilliant for listening to downloaded music.

HTC mobiles on 3 are also available on Pay As You Go, although as usual, this is the most expensive way to get your hands on a brilliant HTC handset. HTC’s on Three Mobile contracts are certainly the way to make the most of these very well respected and popular models. Many people will tell you that the sleek design and excellent usability of HTC phones is more than a match for other popular brands such as the iPhone and BlackBerry.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (12 votes cast)
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