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Sony Xperia™ Z on 3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes cast)

“If you want to want to sit in the bath and watch an HD movie this is the device for you…even if your a baby! See the video!”

Sony are keen to start the new year with a bang and they’re doing this by adding the fantastic Xperia Z to their ever expanding Xperia family. And we’re very pleased to say we will be ranging this amazing new phone.

To start with we have to mention the 1920x1080p full HD Reality Display, on a not insignificant 5” display screen. This is one of the highest pixel density of any smartphone out there. Images are crisp and impressively sharp and even in bright light you can easily see the screen. In addition the Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2 optimizes images making them even sharper and brighter and intuitively managing colour and contrast. Overall it’s a stunning visual experience.

The camera on this newest Xperia is also quite something, with a massive 13MP and a Sony EXMOR RS sensor making for crystal clear photos, even in challenging lighting conditions. The EXMOR RS sensor also means HDR video capture without the need for a backlight. There are lowlight sensors on both the front and back of the phone so gone are the days of poor quality videos, Youtube will be your new best friend!

I have to say, this is a beautifully crafted phone. But it’s also extremely durable. At only 7.9mm you might be forgiven for thinking it wouldn’t be, but the Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fibre polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in car parts. Tempered glass and anti shatter films on the front and back, and being water and dust resistant, make this one of the most durable phones around.

But it doesn’t end there, one of the most useful features of the Xperia Z, is a nifty little feature called Battery Stamina Mode which gives you up to ten times longer standby time. It knows when your screen is off and shuts down the battery-draining apps you don’t need, without you having to lift a finger, and then starts them up again when the screen is back on.

If downloading music and movies are what it’s all about for you then with the Xperia Z you can get access to the Sony Entertainment Network where you can download films, TV shows and millions upon millions of songs. With All You Can Eat data from Three, you won’t have to bat an eyelid about how many films or songs you’re downloading.

Finally, access to the PlayStation®Store with all it’s great PlayStation®Mobile games, means that all your entertainment bases are covered.

The fantastic Sony Xperia Z is coming to you soon!

Sony Xperia Z Videos

Three Video


Telegraph Video

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Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes cast)

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