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Our Ultrafast Commitment.

You may have already heard our network news, as it was reported widely  in the media last week. But In case you missed it, or want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, we’re making a commitment to offer Ultrafast services (and by this we mean DC-HSDPA and LTE) as a standard feature on all price plans.


Unlike some of the other operators, we’re offering access to our Ultrafast network on all existing and new price plans. That means there’ll be no premium fee to ‘upgrade’ as we roll out the LTE technology to our Ultrafast network. Yes you read that right. We’re the network built for the internet and we really want the best of our network to be available without a premium price tag. We firmly believe that it shouldn’t just be for a select few.

I told you late last year about the roll out of our Ultrafast network, which is going so well that we’re actually slightly ahead of schedule. 55% of the UK population is now covered, and 80% of the population will be covered by the end of March. The second half of this year will see LTE technology being rolled out using the 1800MHz spectrum we’ve already acquired outside of the current spectrum auction. Exciting times. Have a look at our progress below:

If you’ve got an Ultrafast ready device, and you are in a location where we have deployed the Ultrafast network, you’ll already be enjoying great speeds without having to pay a premium or needing to swap sim cards or price plans. Add LTE in to the mix and our Ultrafast network is really going to be something to be reckoned with.

In the meantime we’ve got  an ever expanding range of Ultrafast ready devices, including the Apple iPhone 5Nokia Lumia 920,  Apple iPad mini and the Apple iPad with Retina display. All of which will also be able to use the 1800MHz LTE spectrum once it’s rolled out. With the BlackBerry Z10 and the Sony Xperia™ Z coming soon as well, I think that’s quite an Ultrafast line up.

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